Frequently Asked Questions

Terrigal Sands Village Questions

Q: Where is Terrigal Sands Village?
A: Terrigal is situated midway between Sydney and Newcastle on the Central Coast of NSW. You can see a map here.

Q : What restrictions are there about having overnight or short stay guests?
A : Visitors may stay up to 8 days consecutively for a maximum of 60 days per year ( unless prior arrangements with Terrigal Sands ). Note all visitors must be accompanied by a resident when using common “Terrigal Sands Villa Community” facilities.

Q: Who Else Can Live with Me ?
A: Those persons who are nominated in part 1 of the Agreement

Q : What restrictions are there about pets?
A : You   will have to contact Park managerment

Q : If the Park is sold what protection do I
A : You have the same protection as any other tenant in other rental accommodation. A fixed term agreement (lease) is enforceable against the purchaser and cannot be terminated unless the resident agrees, or the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal determines to do so because of a breach of the agreement by the resident or for some other reason set out in the Residential Parks Act 1998’.amended july 2015

Q : If I wish to sell my home at a later date, will there be any restrictions on the sale process?
A : The park must be notified in writing before you sell.

Q : What is the site rental and how often does it go up?
A : Current site rental  speak with site managerment for full disclosure

Q : Are there any other ongoing fees or costs apart from electricity, gas, telephone and water?
A  Homes are subject to water consumption, All houses must have a pest inspection once a year. Tenants must have public liability insurance.

Q : What facilities does the park have?
A :  None at present

Q : Are there available sites in the village?
A :  from time to time .

Q : Are there any display homes on site?
A :  None at present.

Q : Is there public transport available to and from the Village?
A : Yes. Bus, taxi and community service bus. The Bus stop is 60 metres from the office in Duffys Rd with services running to both Terrigal & Gosford Rail Via Erina Fair, (the largest one level shopping centre in Australia)

Q: Is their onsite Management of “Terrigal Sands Villa Community”
A: A representative is available in the on site office at various times or via an emergency number

Q: Is there a 24 hour Emergency Call System ?
A: No, but we recommend an approved response system which allows voice to voice contact calls, answered by a qualified Health professional that can automatically dispatch an Ambulance.

Q: What is the tenure of the site?
A: We are authorised and restricted to long term sites only

Q: Who is responsible for the maintenance of my home ?
A: You are responsible for inside & outside plus your garden area.

Q: Car Parking
A: Residents must park on there sites, all Visitors are to park in the Visitors area provided.

Q: Mail Delivery
A: Individual mail boxes will be allocated on Residency


Q: What are my weekly Fees & one off Fees ?
A: Weekly fees see site managerment for uptodate fees

One off fees: see site managerment for the questions below
Preparation of Site Agreement
Security Gate Card
Bin room/Security Key
Two Weeks Site Fees in Advanced

Q: What other expenses would I have ?
A: Electricity, Natural Gas, Telephone, Home & Content Insurance, plus water usage
plus normal house expenses
Q: Is there Rental Assistance ?
A: you may be eligable contact Centre Link

Terrigal Sands Site Fees speak with site managerment for up todate information


Single Pension Rebate speak with centre link

Net payment of Site fees  speak with centre link

Terrigal Sands Site Fees

Couples Pension Rebate  speak with centre link

Net payment of Site fees

See rental assistance information sheet


Chris may be contacted on. 0424650687

Q: Can I sell my Residence?

YES ! At any time this matter is covered by section 65 of Th e Agreement signed
at occupancy:
you must also advise Terrigal Sands office in writing or phone
CHRIS 0424650687

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